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Super-TIX® 10CSSN Ultimate - our premium titanium exhaust alloy

Super-Tix® 10CSSN is our flagship titanium exhaust system product, offering the highest tensile strength of all our speciality exhaust alloys.

The main benefit of using 10CSSN is that apart from increased strength you will also get the same performance enhancements as in our other products (10CU,10CUNB) which includes high temperature strength and good formability at room temperature with greater oxidation resistance.

Super-Tix® 10CSSN is available to our customers in both sheets and welded tubes.


Super-Tix® 10CSSN offers excellent oxidation resistance, a feature which is critical in the performance of motorsport exhaust systems. The alloy is further solution hardened with the introduction of tin (Sn) whilst the addition of Niobium (Nb) and silicon (Si) promotes excellent corrosive resistant characteristics. Exhaust systems made using this alloy are highly resistant to high temperature salt damage.


  • High temperature strength
  • Good formability at room temperature
  • Effective weight reduction solution
  • Highest tensile strength of all our exhaust alloys
  • Available in both sheet and welded tube
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Resistant to high temperature salt damage


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