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Offering Unique Characteristics

Beryllium copper and copper alloys offer unique characteristics which are ideal in specific motorsport applications.

Our products offer excellent performance qualities including electrical and thermal conductivity, galling resistance and corrosion resistance. Examples of applications in the motorsport sector include electronic components, seat inserts for titanium engine valves, electromagnetic shielding gaskets and bearings.

Our stock portfolio offers a wealth of flexibility for designers looking to produce a race-winning car. To find out more about our beryllium copper and copper alloys, please click on the product links below.

About Beryllium Copper

The alloy offers the highest strength of any copper alloy. It can be heat treated and provides superior electrical and thermal conductivity. Corrosion resistance is also impressive, particularly to non-oxidizing acids. When you purchase from Smiths High Performance, you will receive outstanding levels of service, including in-house processing.

We stock beryllium copper products in round bar, plate and wire

Beryllium & Copper Alloys

Talk to the Experts

We gain a clear understanding of our customers' design drivers. By pushing the boundaries of both chemical and mechanical properties, we supply beryllium and copper alloy products that deliver enhanced overall performance. Give us a call on +44 (0)1767 604708 or click here to contact us.