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Time is a
Cost Factor

Our sales team understands the cost of time and delays. We know our operating markets and customers, and we know from the time of enquiry to the time of delivery every second is critical. Our experienced team is capable of delivering to the highest level of expectation and demand in one of the worlds' most demanding operating markets.

Our business combines its services to offer a rapid response in terms of both enquiries and order fulfilment. In a market sector where many of our customers are recognised brands, we are well aware that failure is not acceptable. We, therefore, offer outstanding levels of customer and delivery performance. We do this by always striving to exceed our customers' expectations - in every aspect of what we do; this means you will receive supplies of metal and plastics from us when you asked for it.

A Strong Infrastructure

Our knowledgeable team is backed by an infrastructure that is bespoke to the motorsport sector, from millions of pounds' worth of stock tailored to our motorsport customers, to a unique IT platform that can be designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency for each of our customers.

Getting your metal supplies distributed quickly is a mandatory requirement in the motorsport sector

Order Processing

To help expedite your engineering materials, we utilise bespoke business systems which are architectured specifically for its intended purpose. During order processing, our IT platform performs hundreds of automated checks to ensure that we maintain the best possible accuracy. All our products are barcoded to ensure full traceability of every product under our care.