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Everything under one roof

We take responsibility for the entire supply chain process

Smiths High Performance capabilities, which are all based under one roof, allow companies to concentrate on their core business because we can take responsibility for all the non-essential manufacturing processes they carry out.

In practice this means that companies making components in-house can free up space and working capital by out-sourcing to Smiths High Performance – therefore taking advantage of our one stop shop. Even better - you can take advantage of our bespoke supply solutions to give your company beneficial supply chain advantages whilst reducing costs.

Single point of quality control

With our ability to handle all the added value services your product requires under one roof, means we are responsible for all quality aspects. If there are any issues, we are accountable and there’s no confusion or delay in trying to clarify where a quality problem or lost material has taken place - which you often get when dealing with more than one sub-contractor.

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Companies currently using a chain of sub-contractors can use just one - Smiths High Performance This saves cost and improves lead time & quality.

A single purchase order can be used instead of a high number of purchase orders which would normally be required where more than one sub-contractor is being employed. This saves valuable administration time for ordering and also frees up wasteful time spent having to liaise with different sub-contractors, with all the associated hassle and confusion which can arise when having to co-ordinate material movement between different sub-contractors.

Not to mention the additional costs of transport in moving metal from one site to another – dealing with us for your material requirements avoids all these costs.

Talk to the experts

By gaining a clear understanding of our customers' design drivers and pushing the boundaries of both chemical and mechanical properties, we supply alloy products that deliver enhanced overall performance.

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