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Our philosophy is that we should always be striving to provide our customers with as much information as possible. Not only does more knowledge mean more awareness, but also helps you to make an informed choice regarding the materials and services we offer. Our downloads section includes a document vault of information which is for this very purpose. We know from experience that designers and engineers need to understand how our materials perform, so having this information to hand will help you in the design process. From chemical composition to mechanical properties, our technical datasheets provide you with a considerable amount of data.

We also include corporate media files such as brochures and flyers, to expand your knowledge even further.

Save it - Permanently

We make our documentation available to you, which is free to save and use at your leisure. We have a wealth of information available, including product information and our corporate brochure - all in PDF file format for easy viewing. Having access to this information will help you when deciding on the materials and services you wish to use.

Our downloads are in PDF file format and a free to use and distribute

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By gaining a clear understanding of our customers' design drivers and pushing the boundaries of both chemical and mechanical properties, we supply engineering materials that deliver enhanced overall performance.

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