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Breaking records

The Bloodhound SSC is a unique high-technology project, which focuses specifically on a 1,000 mph land speed record attempt. The project has recently come under new ownership which means the development of the car will continue.

The car is a cross between a fast fighter jet, formula one car and a spaceship and serves as a fitting example and endorsement of our unique supply capabilities. Smiths High Performance supplies 82% of the metal used in the building of the car. As a significant supply chain partner, our high-performance alloys can be found in the cars cockpit, nose & bulkhead, suspension, chassis, equipment bay and tail fin - using materials such as aluminium, steel, titanium and stainless steel.

Customer Comment

"Smiths consistently supplies difficult to find billet sizes of the highest performance in short lead times directly into our supply chain. They are a key partner in delivering thousands of one-off components and their service has been truly world-class."

Connor Le Grue - Lead Engineer, Bloodhound SSC

We supply engineering materials to the Bloodhound SSC Project

Smiths High Performance

Companies currently using a chain of sub-contractors can use just one - Smiths High Performance This saves cost and improves lead time & quality.

"The demands placed on suppliers in the motorsport sector is something we have built our business around. Unquestionably, it is the toughest environment to test your business. We pride ourselves in being the best, offering a level of service which is unrecognisable and unrivalled. As the leading metals and plastics supplier to the motorsport sector, we continually invest in bespoke materials tailored to this market."

Rob Kitchen
Smiths High Performance