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Our business philosophy is built around eight core areas of focus.

At Smiths High Performance, we take a unique approach to material supply in the motorsport sector. Our metals and plastics are supplied to you in accordance with a suite of core principles - these principles define us and set us apart from your standard engineering materials stockholding business.

The eight core areas cover all activities of our business and we believe there is no stockholder currently in motorsport who can operate with all these activities in place. In these principles, we demonstrate the extraordinary lengths we go to that ensures your engineering raw material is supplied to the highest possible quality and delivered to you on time every single time. The principles are varied but are all seamlessly connected and form a stockholding business which sets us apart making us one of the best metal suppliers in the motorsport sector.

    Daring to be different...

Our core principles have been developed with one aim in mind - to benefit our customers.

When you explore each of the eight principles we work to, it will become apparent that our passion for motorsport and our commitment to excellence is unrivalled. We are experts in material supply to the motorsport sector and our principles endorse this claim.

  Business Approach:

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By gaining a clear understanding of our customers' design drivers and pushing the boundaries of both chemical and mechanical properties, we supply global motorsport with products that deliver enhanced overall performance.

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