Stock Enquiry - Smiths High Performance

Stock geared for the motorsport sector

We invest in the highest quality engineering materials possible including high performance alloys and plastics, with a variety and depth of product designed to support you. We want to negate the need for you to hold surplus stock material.


We differ in that we add considerably to our stock range of materials with a broad variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. This results in products which are better suited to our specific customer requirements and can be purchased without further need for costly and unnecessary additional machining. As designers in motorsport place greater demands on the supply chain to deliver first class solutions, we have a breadth of stock options to fulfil your needs.


We offer stock products in smaller incremental size.

This allows you to procure what you need without the necessity to machine it down. The closer the raw material is in diameter to the finished component, the greater the cost saving to you. By offering stock in this way, it will result in less machining times which will ultimately save you money and allow you to produce components much quicker.


Smiths High Performance is a leading stockholder and supplier of high performance engineering materials to the global motorsport sector. We are supply partners in a range of specialist motorsport markets including Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, MOTO GP, WEC & WRC.