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Enhanced Material Performance

We align ourselves with the world's leading manufacturers and metallurgists to develop motorsport alloys that are suited to our customers' requirements.

Customer expectation involves pushing our alloys to the absolute limit, and our materials have consistently evolved to improve component performance in the most demanding operating environments. Part of this evolutionary process includes the growth of our stock inventory and the development of support processes and supply chain packages to meet customer demands. Another natural progression in this evolutionary process was to develop our very own range alloy products - SHP Ultimate.

Whatever your design considerations are, we will work with you to supply products that will maximise your performance.


SHP Ultimate is a range of alloys offering increased chemical and mechanical properties when compared with standard alloys. For example, SHP 6246 Ultimate titanium offers increased mechanical properties of up to 15% compared to standard 6246; this enables our customers to be even more aggressive when designing components.

Our motorsport alloys are continually developed and enhanced over time.

Design Drivers

We specialise in the development of new and existing alloys by gaining a clear understanding of our motorsport customers' design drivers. We then push the boundaries in terms of both chemical and mechanical properties to enhance overall performance. We are continually evaluating existing alloys and developing new ones to meet the ever-changing challenges being set by designers and engineers at the pinnacle of motorsport.