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Global Logistics

We partner with leading companies in the global motorsport sector, with a particular focus on areas such as the UK, Europe, USA and Japan who are market leaders in the industry. Our customer base consists of a broad spectrum of high technology companies from small component manufacturers to high profile brands.

Our technical team is experienced in all aspects of global shipping and will ensure that your materials reach you on time while having all the necessary paperwork in order. Where Smiths High Performance is concerned, there are absolutely no barriers to market. So whether you are a domestic customer in the UK or thousands of miles away, you can be assured of the same high-quality service.

Exceeding Expectations

Motorsport places the highest demands on the supply chain. We offer a proven track record with a range of unique services explicitly aimed at our customers’ requirements. When you order from us, you can expect the same, high-quality dedicated service. We understand the needs of the market.

We may be a UK stockholder of alloys but we have a broad international audience

International Support

We support the sales process with many employees operating in countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy and Japan. We believe it is essential to employ knowledgeable people from the motorsport supply industry with the experience to be able to converse with you in your native language. When you contact our company for the first time, you will be immediately approached by a technical representative who will understand your market and advise you accordingly.