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Knowledge is power

When you talk to Smiths High Performance for the first time, it will become quickly apparent that we excel in all matters relating to materials supply in the motorsport sector.

We offer our customers unprecedented levels of technical support in two key areas - experience and ancillary services. Our experience in supplying engineering materials in this space is longstanding, and we are experts in this particular discipline. We combine this experience with access to our own UKAS accredited testing laboratory which offers comprehensive testing and metallurgical support. The outcome of this is crystal clear - we offer levels of technical support to our customers in all aspects of engineering material supply which is a service you are unlikely to find anywhere else; this is why we offer a 'one-stop-shop' for the majority of our customers.

Single Supply Source

Customers purchase alloys and plastics from us, not only because of the outstanding levels of customer service we have to offer but also because we are a single supply source. Where else can you work with a company which provides bespoke supply, an in-house laboratory with three resident metallurgists, and in-house processing services? We offer these services to all our customers as standard and under one roof.

Our knowledge of materials in the motorsport sector allows us to offer you unrivalled levels of technical support

Accurate Documentation

We find that in such a fast-moving industry sometimes it's the simple things that matter just as much as the more complex ones. For example, how often have you dealt with stockholders who supply you with test certs that you cannot read? While this may not sound too significant, but of course, it can prove to be a major headache for a customer. We utilise bespoke IT systems which are architected in-house, and as part of this function, all test certificates are scanned and thoroughly checked for readability.

It is this attention to detail that makes us different.