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Material supplier to Formula 1

Formula 1 is without doubt the crown jewel in motorsport. Founded in 1950, the single seater racing series has grown into the flagship motorsport spectacle attracting a fanatical Global fan base.

Formula 1 places huge demands on the performance and quality of material supply and we have evolved into a market leading supply chain partner for racing teams and fabricators supporting this sector. Many of our customers take advantage of our capability to provide bespoke supply packages where we create individually customised solutions which impact greatly on efficiency, performance and cost.

Even more importantly, we also continually develop and improve our material performance to give our customers an edge in this most competitive sport. We supply both high performance alloys and plastics to Formula 1 which are used in a wide range of applications which can be found below.


  • All chassis components
  • Front / rear suspension parts, drivetrain, axles, inserts
  • Gear box components, gear box casings, gears
  • Engine components
  • Camshafts, crank shaft, connecting rods, pistons, valves, engine block, covers, timing gears
  • Battery packs
  • Wishbones
  • Turbo charger applications
  • Exhaust applications


  • Alloy evolution and enhancement
  • Bespoke supply solutions
  • Rapid response
  • In-house processing
  • UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Global Coverage


Smiths High Performance is a leading stockholder and supplier of high performance engineering materials to the global motorsport sector. We are supply partners in a range of specialist motorsport markets including Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, MOTO GP, WEC & WRC.