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A versatile range of alloys which are light and yet strong
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Our nickel-based superalloys are perfect for exhaust systems
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Alloy 25 - Beryllium Copper Alloy

Utilised in applications requiring good strength and fatigue resistance, Alloy 25 (C17200) is a beryllium-copper alloy which offers a broad range of attractive performance characteristics. Benefits include good conductivity and corrosion resistance. This high-performance material is non-magnetic, and these qualities are unaffected by machining and surface abrasion. Once fully heat-treated, no additional treatments are required.

Galling and Wear Resistance

The galling resistance of the alloy under high load conditions is excellent. The combination of galling resistance, high hardness and low friction results in excellent wear resistance in components such as bearings and bushes under conditions where lubrication is marginal.

Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion resistance of the product is similar to pure copper; this includes resistance to saltwater environments, non-oxidising acids, dilute alkalis and most organic solutions. The material is stress corrosion resistant in chloride and sulphide solutions and is not subject to hydrogen embrittlement.

The product offers the highest strength of any copper alloy combined with electrical conductivity, which is considerably improved when compared to other high strength copper alloys. Machinability, brazing and electro-discharge machining are all rated as good. Weldability of the alloy is considered to be good to fair.

Use in Intake Valves

Alloy 25 is often used to make seat inserts for titanium valves used in racing engines. The high copper content provides a combination of superior strength with impressive heat transfer qualities. The combination helps to promote the life expectancy of the intake valve while affording the strength to withstand forces during operation.


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