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New generation Ti Alloy CR14

CR14 Titanium Alloy is a combination of proprietary chemistry, thermomechanical processing and heat treatment.

The material offers a unique balance of low density, high strength, ductility and stiffness which results in performance exceeding that of all known production titanium alloys. The alloy system was initially developed for inlet valves in race engines, further process developments have successfully established the alloy for uses in very high performance connecting rods.


  • Proven Inlet valves, showing improved durability and valve control
  • High level connecting rods, showing a 15% mass reduction when compared to competitive designs in 6Al 4V and SP700 Titanium
  • Gudgeon pins; lower mass than hollow steel and solid Ti Al applications
  • Turbocharger impellers, quill shafts
  • Valvetrain top retainers
  • Chassis components


Components requiring high specific strength, high specific stiffness and excellent ductility should be considered.

  • Replacement for 6 Al 4V / 6242 / 6246
  • Fuselage components & struts
  • Aero engine CFRC fan blade leading edges, compressor blades and impellers
  • Gun components and armour
  • Satellite structural components


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