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Beryllium Copper Range
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Ferrium® C61 - an advanced gear steel for racing engines

Case-hardened gear steel - Ferrium® C61 is a steel alloy with an ultra-high-strength core and is suitable for motorsport applications.

Advances in racing engine designs and increased engine power have caused an increase in the failure of dog rings, gears, camshafts, input shafts, racks and pinions.

The design objective for Ferrium® C61 was to develop a high-performance secondary-hardening gear and bearing steel with similar surface properties to conventional gear steels such as AISI 9310 and EN36C, but with the added benefits of an ultra-high-strength core and excellent fracture toughness. Ferrium® C61 is a member of a new class of martensitic secondary-hardening gear and bearing steels that utilise an efficient M2C precipitate strengthening dispersion. Because of the efficiency of this strengthening dispersion, a superior combination of properties is attainable for any given application.

The material was designed to provide carburised surface properties (60-62 HRC) similar to conventional gear steels such as AISI 9310 and EN36C with the added benefit of an ultra-high-strength core along with excellent fracture toughness.


Ferrium® C61 is a superior alternative to conventional gear materials such as AISI 9310 and EN36C for new smaller, lighter, high-temperature resistant component designs, or to upgrade the alloy in an existing component where a re-design is not feasible.

The alloy has surface-wear properties similar to those found in popular commercial alloys but provides an ultra-high-strength, high-toughness, high-temperature-resistant core. Other benefits include superior axial and STBF fatigue resistance. The product can be particularly advantageous to reduce the size and weight of integrally geared driveshafts.

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We are a leading stockholder and supplier of high-performance engineering materials to the motorsport sector. We are supply partners in a range of specialist motorsport markets including Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, MOTO GP, WEC & WRC.