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C350 - for high performance motorsport components

C350 maraging steel is a high strength steel alloy containing 2.0% cobalt and 4.8% molybdenum.

It is produced by vacuum arc re-melting and provides a very high strength nominally 350 ksi tensile (2415 MPa) with an above average level of toughness. The alloy retains its strength up to 450°C and good notch impact is maintained do wn to minus 50°C and below. This material may be nitrided. C350 is supplied in the annealed condition where the microstructure consists of fine martensite before final heat treatment.


Maraging steels are machined in the annealed condition, although they can be machined in the maraged condition. Components can be machined close to finished dimensions as the low temperature maraging treatment results in minimal distortion. The alloy offers good weldability.


  • High performance motorsport components
  • Missile Casings
  • Tooling
  • Ordnance mounting blocks
  • Jet engine and helicopter drive shafts


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