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SHP 2099 Ultimate Aluminium Lithium Alloy

Developed specifically for use in motorsport, aerospace and high strength applications, SHP 2099 Ultimate is a high strength alloy ideal for use in environments requiring low density, high stiffness, superior damage tolerance and excellent corrosion resistance.

Lithium additions increase the strength and modulus of aluminium alloys while lowering their density. Alloy 2099 extrusions are available in three tempers from 0.5 to 3.00 inch in T83 and 160mm to 200mm in T8 temper. Alloy 2099-T83 offers high strength and excellent corrosion resistance with moderate fracture toughness.


Alloy 2099 extrusions can replace 2xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx, aluminium alloys in applications such as:

  • motorsport components
  • statically and dynamically loaded fuselage structures
  • lower wing stringers
  • stiffness dominated designs


Fatigue crack growth resistance and the S/N fatigue performance also shows improvement vs 2024-T3511 which has been a standard product for applications considered fatigue critical. The alloy shows significant improvement over 2219 alloys in elevated temperature.


The corrosion resistance of Alloy 2099 is much better than 7075-T6511 and 2024-T3511with both the T8E67 and T83 tempers receiving EA (mild exfoliation) or better exfoliation ratings compared to the conventional alloys ED (very severe exfoliation). The stress-corrosion cracking performance is also much improved.


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