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4032 Aluminium

4032 aluminium is a wrought aluminium alloy product which offers superior service in both low and high-temperature service. Motorsport applications for 4032 include racing pistons, engines components and chassis components.

Increased Overall Strength

The product is available in plate, bar and tube. 4032 aluminium is popular in applications including racing engine components, pistons, chassis components and applications requiring better performance at higher temperatures. The alloy retains its mechanical strength up to 200°C and with deployment up to a maximum temperature of 300°C.

The addition of silicon increases the overall strength of the alloy at the expense of overall ductility. The addition of nickel reduces thermal expansion while increasing mechanical strength, although susceptibility to corrosive pitting is possible. 4032 offers the highest tensile strength of all 4000 series, aluminium alloys. The grade provides fair to good machinability, and we recommend an oil lubricant when the material is machined. Alloy 4032 is weldable using arc welding or inert gas methods.

Comparisons with 2618A

2618A with a lower silicon content offers greater malleability, which is of benefit under high load and high-stress applications. However, with reduced silicon content, linear expansion is much more significant than 4032, and therefore more clearance will be required if used in piston design.

4032 has a much higher silicon content (around 12%) makes manufactured pistons more durable and lighter than if produced in 2618A. The high silicon content reduces overall ductility – this reduces the resistance of the piston to higher impact loads. Curiously to the naked eye, it is challenging to differentiate between the two products, but each offers unique benefits.


Benefits of using this 4032 aluminium alloy include:

  • Strongest 4000 series aluminium
  • Fair to good machinability
  • Can be welded
  • Can be used in low and high-temperature applications
  • More durable and lighter than 2618A

4032 aluminium alloy is extensively used in the production of racing pistons, engine components and chassis components.

Delivery Condition

We supply 4032 aluminium alloy in the T6 and T651 tempers.

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