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2055-T84 - High Strength, Fatigue Resistant, Low Density Extrusions

We have developed Al-Li alloy 2055 extrusions for use in motorsport, aerospace and other applications requiring high tensile or compressive strength, high modulus, high fatigue resistance and low density with good fracture toughness and corrosion resistance. Li additions increase the strength and modulus of Al-Li alloys while lowering their density. The density of 2055 is 4 to 5% less than high strength 7xxx alloys.

2055-T84 aluminium extrusions exhibit very good machining, finishing and forming characteristics.


The combination of high strength, stiffness, damage tolerance and durability make 2055 suitable as a replacement for high strength 7xxx and 2xxx alloys in applications such as fuselage stringers, floor beams, compressor wheels, turbo impellers and other statically and dynamically-loaded applications requiring high strength and stiffness.


Aluminium alloy 2055-T84 extrusions are covered by AMS 4257. Material design allowable's including static properties, physical properties, fracture toughness, corrosion resistance and S-N fatigue are available in MMPDS.


The damage tolerance and durability properties of 2055-T84 extrusions are superior to high strength 7xxx extrusions providing an improved combination of strength and toughness, superior FCG resistance and better S-N fatigue resistance.


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