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Beryllium Copper Range
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Nitronic 50

NitronicĀ® 50 is an austenitic stainless steel alloy which offers a unique combination of outstanding corrosion resistance, and superior mechanical performance at both sub-zero and elevated temperatures.

This stainless steel is ideal in product applications where exposure to high or low temperature is a consideration. For example, in the motorsport sector, Nitronic 50 is a suitable product for use in racing engine valves.

Supply Condition

Nitronic 50 is typically supplied in the annealed condition for most applications as it offers a superior combination of strength and corrosion resistance. A higher strength option is also available.

Excellent Performance

While the alloy, historically, has been utilised in the oil, gas and petrochemical sector, motorsport is a recent beneficiary. We stock Nitronic 50, which serves as yet another example of how Smiths High Performance provides products to give engineers flexible design options.

The material grade offers superior corrosion resistance when compared to both 316 and 317 stainless steel; the alloy is also nitrogen strengthened to provide almost double the yield strength. Unusually for an austenitic alloy, when cold-formed, the finished product does not become magnetic. Other favourable performance characteristics include excellent resistance to intergranular attack and SSC (sulphide stress cracking).

The alloy is readily welded using conventional welding methods, but welding processes can result in a loss of overall strength. While the material offers an attractive combination of strength and corrosion resistance, this is no adverse effect on machinability either. The fabrication techniques and machinery used are the same.

Product Benefits

  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Superior mechanical performance
  • Easily welded
  • Does not become magnetic when cold formed
  • Excellent resistance to intergranular attack
  • Good mechanical properties in both high and sub-zero temperature service
  • Exceptionally low magnetic permeability
  • Double the yield strength of 304 and 316 stainless steel

Nitronic 50 applications include the production of racing engine valves, fasteners, fittings, springs shafts and heat exchangers.

About Smiths HP

We are a leading stockholder and supplier of high-performance engineering materials to the motorsport sector. We are supply partners in a range of specialist motorsport markets including Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, MOTO GP, WEC & WRC.