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Alloy 718 provides excellent yield strength

Inconel 718® is a precipitation hardenable nickel-based alloy designed specifically to display exceptionally high creep-rupture, tensile and yield properties at temperatures up to 1300°F. The nickel alloy works efficiently in low temperature service.

Inconel 718® alloy has excellent weldability when compared to the nickel-base superalloys hardened by aluminium and titanium. The material is used for jet engine, high-speed airframe parts such as wheels, buckets, spacers, and high temperature bolts and fasteners. It is also used in the oil and gas sector for wellhead components.

The alloy is resistant to corrosion, stress corrosion and fatigue, with good strength and ductility in sub-zero temperatures.


  • Exhaust systems
  • Connecting rod bolts
  • Race engine valves
  • Hot structural aerospace applications
  • Safety valves
  • Gas turbines
  • Jet engine components
  • Rocket motors
  • Wellhead components


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