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We specialise in the supply of high technology engineering materials and are support partners in a range of specialist markets. When you purchase from us, you will be joining some of the biggest and best-in-class engineering companies.


Our supply solutions give you the flexibility to receive materials they way your business needs to. We can manage your stock to save you time, money and problems.

Bespoke Supply - how it works?

To maximise the potential of any bespoke supply solution, it is critical that we learn about and clearly understand your business. We adopt a multi-faceted process, ensuring we cover all aspects of your raw material supply chain. In turn, this allows us to put a proposal forward for an individually crafted supply package that not only meets your expectations but surpasses them. Any solution you adopt will afford you numerous supply chain benefits.

Stage 1

An initial and detailed telephone conversation where we discuss with you the particular areas of your supply chain which could be enhanced or improved as part of a streamlining process.

Stage 2

We will visit you at your premises - a member of our technical team will gain a deep understanding of your current business processes and practices. We will explain to you in detail many of the available solutions. Some of these suggestions could be entirely new for you!

Stage 3

Further meetings can be arranged with members of your procurement, planning and engineering departments if required - this would take place to ensure we evaluate every aspect of your supply chain.

Stage 4

From all the information gathered a supply package would be built and then presented to you and any members of your team you wish to involve. We will provide a comprehensive explanation of the value-added and through cost-benefit of each feature in detail.

Stage 5

An implementation plan would be put in place as soon as through cost targets have been agreed; if changes are required, we will revert to stage 3 or 4.

Stage 6

Implementation takes place with no impact on manufacturing; a member of our team is nominated as your point of contact to provide ongoing support and to ensure regular review meetings. This multi-staged process has proven to be very successful. Bespoke supply packages are adaptable and can evolve, allowing us to fulfil your ultimate objectives while offering ongoing cost reductions for your business.

About Smiths HP

We are a leading stockholder and supplier of high-performance engineering materials to the motorsport sector. We are supply partners in a range of specialist motorsport markets including Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, MOTO GP, WEC & WRC.