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The best materials - efficiently supplied

Regardless of the size of your business, anyone can benefit from a bespoke supply package from Smiths High performance. We can create significant efficiency improvements in all aspects of your high performance materials supply, improving availability of all materials whilst simultaneously saving time and reducing costs.

All we need is a single telephone call from you and we can begin the process.


   Multiple disjointed suppliers
   One single streamlined supplier

   Dependency on slow, inaccurate information
   Complete supply chain visibility through our online portal 24/7 without the need for additional software
   Complicated and poorly formatted feedback and reporting
   Simple online portal access whenever you want using your own part numbers to navigate around reports and data streams
   Proof of deliveries and test certificates that take days to be retrieved from paper archives
   Online access to electronic documentation or the option of having them automatically emailed to you
   Inaccurate supplier forecasting based on guesswork
   Accurate forecasting using a combination of demand analysis, algorithms and real-world experience
   Unexpected stock shortages leading to factory downtime
   High certainty of stock availability
   Excess inventory causing supply chain inefficiency and a bloated balance sheet
   Customer stores transferred to a local Smiths service centre to be called off on a JIT basis with lineside delivery also an option
   Slow, time-consuming order process over the phone or by fax/email
   Fast, accurate, ordering using our online portal
   Multiple orders to cover the materials required to produce every component
   Tagged sub-assemblies that mean one order for all materials
   Slow, inefficient processes and procedures
   Streamlined systems that feed into lean manufacturing operations
   Multiple invoices that take time to check, enter and process
   A choice of a single daily/weekly/monthly consolidated invoice
   Difficulties managing multiple subcontractors each with different sourcing methods
   Complete sub-contractor visibility with options to control sourcing if required
   Uncertainty and confusion over stock and incoming lead times
   Up to date mill lead times and 'live' stock information available through our online portal
These example options can be completely customised to enhance the bespoke supply package experience.

All of our supply packages have evolved over time. Many of our customers take up the option of additional features as they see the cost benefits coming through. There are many other options available and we would be delighted to discuss these with you.


Smiths High Performance is a leading stockholder and supplier of high performance engineering materials to the global motorsport sector. We are supply partners in a range of specialist motorsport markets including Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, MOTO GP, WEC & WRC.