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A leading international stockholder

Smiths High Performance is a leading stockholder and supplier of high performance alloys and plastics to the global motorsport sector. We specialise in the supply of high technology engineering materials and are support partners in a range of specialist markets. When you purchase from us, you will be joining some of the biggest and best-in-class engineering companies.

High Profile

We specialise in supply to the international motorsport market offering full support to high profile brands including Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, MOTO GP, WEC & WRC

Alloy Evolution

Our performance alloys work to the absolute limit and have evolved over time to improve component performance in the most demanding operating environments.

Material Experts

Introducing a world class stock inventory including SHP Ultimate which offers increased chemical and mechanical properties when compared with standard alloys.

Performance really matters

You will be joining some of the biggest and best global engineering companies. As a Tier 1 supply chain partner to the world's leading motorsport companies, our unique business structure allows us to offer services which are otherwise unavailable in this sector.

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Why should you choose Smiths High Performance?

We develop engineering materials which are pushed to the absolute limit in terms of chemical composition and mechanical properties. This gives car designers design options which otherwise may be unavailable.
We can revolutionise your supply chain. By combining our bespoke IT platform, stock range and processes we offer individually scaled solutions to make you more efficient whilst saving you money.
We are unique in the industry - we have our own UKAS accredited materials testing laboratory with three resident metallurgists. This provides us with the opportunity to provide in-house technical services to our customers by offering a broad range of laboratory related services.

Our aim to understand our customer requirements and we combine this with our knowledge and experience in the motorsport materials marketplace.
We offer a range of testing services including charpy impact testing, tensile testing, chemical analysis, metallurgical analysis, corrosion testing, weldment assessment testing and hardness testing.

We also offer other services including investigations.
We combine our UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory with our quality management system (QMS) to offer an expansive continuity of service. Improved response times, peace of mind and technical advice from our team of dedicated metallurgists are all added value benefits from this state of the art facility.