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PEEK GL30 Ultimate - performance plastic with 30% glass fibre

PEEK GL30 Ultimate is a high performance plastic reinforced with glass fibre.

As with all our plastic derivatives, PEEK GL30 Ultimate offers the same performance characteristics as our standard material, PEEK 450G. The addition of glass fibre increases the performance characteristics even further. GL30 offers a combination of high rigidity with good dimensional stability. The material offers very high stiffness and improved toughness. PEEK GL30 Ultimate has the best static load over longer periods in higher temperature service.

Due to the glass fibre content, tipped tooling will be required when machining.


  • High Rigidity and good dimensional stability
  • Higher compression capability
  • Higher continuous service temperature
  • Very high stiffness and Improved toughness
  • Best high static load over long periods at high temperature
  • Less suitable for bearing and wear applications


  • Strut mounts front and rear suspension
  • Control arm linkages
  • Gear link bushes
  • Fuel line insulators
  • Valve components
  • Electrical components
  • Chassis components


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