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From super corrosion resistance to high strength & toughness

Nickel alloys generally fall into three categories – heat resistant alloys, corrosion resistance alloys and controlled expansion alloys. A wide variety of alloys have been developed often with specific applications in mind. Motorsport, aerospace, oil & gas, nuclear and petrochemical industries are all major users of these alloys although they are used in many other harsh or extreme environments.

Our nickel alloy range is developed and enhanced specifically for high performance applications, offering qualities such as superior corrosion resistance, ultra high strength and toughness. We all offer a precipitation hardenable nickel based alloy.

Alloying elements

Our nickel based alloys include different alloying elements to offer a variety of product characteristics.

The introduction of chromium, molybdenum and niobium in Inconel ® 625 results in an alloy with superior corrosion resistance without the need for precipitation hardening treatment. MP35N utilises molybdenum and chromium but adds cobalt as a main alloying element. This results in high corrosive resistance and ultra high strength & toughness too.

  Nickel Based Alloy Range:

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By gaining a clear understanding of our customers' design drivers and pushing the boundaries of both chemical and mechanical properties, we supply nickel based alloy products that deliver enhanced overall performance.

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